Our Mission

GoGIGA World is on a mission to building a better global business economy through digital distribution and media. As technology expands, so does the way people decide to do business. We developed a mission to help more businesses thrive by providing turn-key solutions any business would need to bridge the gaps in their growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: a world connected on and offline. We believe innovation and solutions need to meet the consumer it was meant for. As people we are dynamic with expanding needs and wants. We connect those needs and want to delivery.

Our Story

GoGIGA was founded on simple idea as a lean start up company to quickly get to market in the areas of digital setups inclusive of the basics any business owner would need to have an online presence. It quickly turned into what we call a rabbit hole of the digital space.

Our Co-Founder Huge Leap

Closing her initial large contract as a solopreneur, Toya Glenn established a relationship with the U.S. Black Chambers, spearheading her place in events and shows, premiering the Black History Month Production. She incorporated Mykea Johnson to being the creative design director on this project, thus creating a dynamic business partnership.

Feb 2021

Establishing GOGIGA Creations

With a large influx of clients between Feb and June 2021, Toya Glenn and Mykea found themselves continuously collaborating to meet the demand. They decided to do what makes sense, merge the companies. GoBlack Ink and GigaBrainiac became GoGIGA Creations.

Jun 2021

Partnerships To Expansion

Our founders quickly proved themselves in the ability to execute attracting projects for global giants such as Dentsu and Wikipedia.

GoGIGA Creations, began to establish relationships with music labels and started producing celebrity guest shows.

Aug 2021

Using The Expertise To Bigger Screens

GoGIGA became managing owners of an underground channel called Couch Potato Flix. Along with access to national billboards, this became a flagship starting point into advertisements. This quickly expanded into radio advertisements and channel development for other business owners. Viewership is currently 10 million.

Aug 2021

Migrating and Expanding Communities

GoGIGA took Virtual Assistant Sister Learning under the umbrella, attracted investors, established new partnerships with other established communities, and created our own G.R.O.W Program to bring more businesses on the journey through learning.

Dec 2021

There are a world of things you can achieve digitally.