We are people with great personalities and anal about our expertise.

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Client's Assisted
Fun Team Members who've made it happen!

Vision to Practicality

We take on your vision and find the ways that will make it a reality.

Solid Preparation

We look at the goals and prepare the steps that it would take to get there by the task.


We analyze each aspects of a project to determine what we can do differently that serves the audience and WOW them!

Time Management

We schedule times to get the work done ensure we set deadlines and meet them.

Coaching and Training

We love when our clients understands the process and the purpose behind them. We also train them on their tools.

Market Focused

Bringing products and services to the market isn’t simple. We ensure that we are bringing our best to be competitive within the industry.

Our In-house Team

Latoya Glenn

Co-Founder | Media CEO

Mykea Johnson

Co-Founder | Technology CEO

Latoya Williams

Chief Operational Officer

Janet Jack

Entertainment Specialist

Jessica Varner

Project Manager

Patrece Edwards

Excecutive Administrator

Henry Glenn

Partner Manager

Raymond Spencer

Lead Videotographer | Producer

Brenton Kenyon


We are better together!

We all win when we work together. Our Our direct partners and affiliate partners have been key to our success. Their attention to quality, determination to deliver, and passion for all of our growth has been nothing less of amazing. We are proud of our partners and honored to work with amazing people.

There are a world of things you can achieve digitally.