Media and Entertainment OTT Platform with Multi-Monetization Models Ready For Launch

Our Platform

GOGIGA has developed an OTT/VOD platform in-house for live linear broadcasting (like traditional tv) and Video-On-Demand With Free To Watch But “Pay to Play” Subscription Plans Available to Content Creators, Commercial Licensors & Publishers, and Advertiser.

At Launch our platform will host over 400 hours of video content across existing 16 startup channels on both Linear LIVE Broadcasting and VOD with a library of mixed entertainment originals and movies, webisodes, music video, and quickies that have an existing fan base. Giving Access Globally Distributed Content. With goals of acquiring licenses to live events, sports, and more.

This opportunity allows not only content creators and our in-house productions to be distributed along side premium A-List content, but the ability to add additional startup channel opportunities and distribution for existing channels such as BET, FX, EPIX as an example to join our platform as well.

Monetization Models By The Audience

Viewership is initially absolutely free to watch indie/new content creators. Premium content requires a subscription.
(Free or $9.99/ month)
Indie Creators & Commercial Publishers
Allowing Content Creators and Content Publishers distribute content hassle-free on our network for a monthly fee.
(Retail rates ranging from $300 - $50,000 Monthly average based on viewership)
Maximizing Advertising Budgets with advance ad technology to ensure their ad campaigns are played along the right content at the right times with reporting.
(Budget Range from $100 - Millions based on viewership and campaign run)
Custom Branded Furnished OTT Channel Partnership
With the technology being developed to create multiple instances, we have experience inquires for OTT Channel Partnership Opportunities to extend to them using our technology.
(Starting at $200,000 - $500,000 yearly per channel)

GOGIGA Creations  D/B/A of GOBLACKINK Unlimited is a Florida Based Company that work with businesses of all sizes with virtual production, media, and digital marketing and monetization since 2021. GOGIGA Creations was developed out of collaboration of the two founders Latoya Glenn & Mykea Johnson as small businesses servicing larger clients. The leap into Television and Media Distribution is a step created by increasing demands within the market.They discovered along the way that media and ad distribution came with red tape and begin to implement a solution to serve their existing clients and create new opportunities.

About Us

Latoya Glenn stepped into the LIVE Stream production space producing shows and content at the height of the pandemic. This expanding to working with many companies and brands from developing ads, presentations, and producing virtual talk shows with questions on distribution and sponsor opportunities.

Mykea Johnson has a background in web technology serving clients with expanding their businesses digitally online and monetizing expertise and service-based businesses. This included creative video editing for sales and marketing purposes.

As an investor, you will gain 20% return on investment across the entire brand of GOGIGA Creation. Ready to connect to learn more details about this investment opportunity?

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The Wonderful World of GOGIGA was created by a beautiful accident that lead to growth and expansions for many experts and clients collaborating on ways to succeed online and in media. Learn more about our company and team.

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